EPISODE 02: God Is With His People
UNIT 01: God Shows Up
Book of Ruth

Quick! Grab a Bible and flip it open to a page—any page.

Here’s what you’ll find: God shows up and is with His people. He’s been at it since He first placed people on this planet, and He’s not about to stop. The Bible you’re holding is one way God still shows up to be with His people!

Today we’ll GET INTO the book of Ruth and see what happened when a redeemer showed up for Ruth and Naomi. After the video, we’ll TALK IT UP and ACT IT OUT, discovering that God is a Redeemer who shows up and is with His people—including us!

Now it’s showtime! Watch “Ruth’s Redeemer.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—it may change your life!

Play Video

Today’s video paints a wonderful picture of what can happen when a redeemer shows up to help someone. Use these questions to TALK IT UP and dig into what God’s Word tells us about God showing up to be with us.

  • Naomi said her name means “sweet.” If your name has a meaning and you know it, share that meaning. And a question for everyone: If you could pick a meaning for your name, what would you want it to be?
  • Think of the positions and personalities of the people in this story. Are you most like: Ruth, Naomi, or Boaz? Why do you answer as you do?
  • Boaz was a “redeemer,” someone who paid a price to make everything right for Naomi and Ruth. How has Jesus done the same for you?
  • In what ways, if any, do you think God showed up to be with Ruth and Naomi?
  • Describe a time you think God was with you.

Pick 1 (or more) of these activities and put into action what you learned in TALK IT UP.

  • What’s the best part about God showing up for you? Share your answer with someone.
  • Thinking of a time when God was with you, silently thank God for showing up and helping you … and invite Him to always be with you!
  • Not sure how God can show up and be with you all the time? Whenever you need Him? See what you can learn by participating in a game of Me and My Shadow.
These questions will help you connect the Bible story to your own lives. Use all the questions or pick 1 or 2—it’s up to you!
  • When Boaz stepped in as their redeemer, Ruth and Naomi could tell he was with them. If God is your Redeemer, how can you tell He’s with you?
  • If you could walk into a field and pick up something left behind for you, what would you like to find? Why that particular thing?
  • Sometimes we settle for gleaning scraps when God wants to give us something in abundance. Take a few minutes to look up and read aloud these verses about what God offers you: 1 John 1:9 (forgiveness); John 14:2-3 (a forever home); James 1:5 (wisdom); Galatians 5:22-23 (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). Which are most important to you today?

One of the first rules for proving your love to someone is this: You show up. In person, on the phone, via text or e-mail, even sending a letter. When you care, you’re there—or as close to there as you can be.

God shows up and is with His people in so many ways—through the Bible, through the Holy Spirit, by engaging with us in prayer.

Do this: Have everyone stand and form a circle. Ask them to then turn so their backs are toward the center of the circle; then they should back up until everyone can link arms with his or her neighbor.

Invite volunteers to share sentence prayers aloud, thanking God for being in their lives. Then ask everyone to turn and again link arms—but this time facing the center of the circle so they can see each other. Then invite volunteers to pray, thanking God for being with them through the presence and encouragement of other people who know God.

Finish with a hearty, “In Jesus’ name. Amen.” And a round of high fives!

Many, many people feel alone. Even though they have a half-zillion online “friends,” there’s no deep connection—just loneliness. Here are ways you can show up for people and help them feel connected to the God who loves them and is eager to be with them.

  • Pick up a phone and connect with someone you care about. Say, “I’m just calling to tell you how much I enjoy being with you. I’d like to set up a time to be together in person or online.” Then do it. Tell the person you were thinking about God and how important it is to know He is with you. And that reminded you how much you like being with that person, too!
  • Post a sign in your window or on your door: “You’re not alone! If you ask, I’ll tell you why.” When someone asks, explain that not only does God want to be with that person, but you’ve got some time to share too. Then strike up a conversation!
  • Thank people who are making a difference in your life because God has placed them there. Send a 3-line thank-you (it’s OK to text!) to family members, friends, church members—even teachers! Be specific about what that person brings to your life.
  • Schedule a time to be with someone in your family—a brief, 10-minute time when you will listen to that person share what’s going on in life. Ask questions and listen to answers. Don’t judge or give advice; just be present. Wrap up with a hug and by praying for that person. It will be the best 10 minutes of that person’s day … and yours!