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It’s more important than ever for us to meet the needs of those we serve wherever they are—at home, in class, or in service. If your ministry purchased Fall 2020 curriculum directly from David C Cook, you’ll get the basic support features plus much more.

When registering for support+, your Fall 2020 purchases with David C Cook will be validated and the following features will become accessible to you.

New Terms

Extended payment options, free shipping on $100+ orders, and a $150 digital resources credit.

Bible Studies

A collection of relevant Bible study resources developed to use on your own or in a small group.

Children’s Ministry Content

You’ll love these at home, in class, and big church bonus materials for your children’s ministry.

Adult Sunday School Content

Enhance your weekly lessons and small group discussions with these comprehensive add-ons.

Digital Curriculum

Receive your current fall curriculum in a digital format when you purchase from David C Cook.

Right Here | Right Now

Flexible, easy-to-share video lessons with family-friendly content made for in-class or at-home.

Youth Ministry Content

Equip teens in your student ministry with digital add-ons designed specifically for their needs.


The training you’re looking for—whether for yourself, your teachers, or your volunteers. Curated articles and videos from ministry practitioners at David C Cook and experts in areas of technology and learning.

To register for support+ you will need a valid David C Cook account number and billing zip code from a recent statement or invoice.

To find the correct account number and zip code to use, see the examples below.  (Click to enlarge)

The information included on a shipment packing slip (not shown) may have a different account number as a church can have several ship-to accounts.

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