Episode 3
UNIT 1 • Relationships
Romans 12:2

This week your family will GET INTO Romans 12:2. You’ll discover why it’s important to not COPY what we see in the world and instead let God TRANSFORM us by CHANGING how we THINK. Get ready for a week of new beginnings!


So, gather your family, stream the video, and … GET INTO IT.

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After the video remind your family that this week you’ll TALK IT UP and also ACT IT OUT together. You’ll look for things that have been COPIED and things that have been TRANSFORMED. Plus, you’ll be mindful of how you’re CHANGING and how what you THINK about affects your actions and emotions.

When we let God TRANSFORM us, we are saying “I’m completely yours” to God. Sing this truth as you worship along with Tim Timmons and his family! Grab the lyrics to “Completely Yours” HERE.
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As you TALK IT UP this week, keep track of ideas your family has for ways to ACT OUT the truths of Romans 12:2. And TALK IT UPWARDS too! Pray together, thanking God for His Word and asking for His help as you ACT IT OUT.

Here are 5 quick questions that will help you launch fun family talks about Romans 12:2.


Paul warns the Romans to not COPY the behavior and customs of their culture. What are behaviors in our culture that you THINK you shouldn’t COPY? What are customs you think would be okay to COPY?


How might what you THINK about TRANSFORM you and CHANGE your actions and emotions? Tell a story about a time when something you thought about TRANSFORMED you.


What are three things you THINK about every day without fail? What are three things God might want you to THINK about every day—how could God use those right thoughts to CHANGE what you feel or do?


What’s something you wish you could CHANGE about the way you THINK? Maybe, for example, you wish you could quit worrying about schoolwork or getting to your job done on time.


THINK of something you want to let God CHANGE in you as you obey Him RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. If you’re willing, share what you thought about with your family so you can pray for one another!

Do a deep dive into the Romans 12:2 keywords with these definitions and quick questions!

Collect your family’s ideas about how you can HUMBLE yourselves before God and what you can GIVE to God and others. Then, as a family, pick one of those ideas and ACT IT OUT this week. Here’s a hint: One way to HUMBLE yourselves is to pray about what God would want you do before picking an idea!

These questions can help your family connect keywords back to Romans 12:2. Answer all the questions or pick just one or two—it’s up to you!
  • If you could wake up tomorrow morning and be TRANSFORMED in some way, what way would you choose? Why?
  • How can COPYING what the world says is OK to THINK or do get in the way of obeying God? When has COPYING the world been a problem for you or someone you know?
  • What’s your part in letting God TRANSFORM your actions and CHANGE what you THINK?
  • Paul writes that God’s will is good, pleasing, and perfect. What do you think God’s will is for your family?
  • Given what you’ve discovered in Romans 12:2, how might you CHANGE how you treat God, our family, and others?

Call a friend or family member to share what your family did to put Romans 12:2 into action. If you can, send a photo or video clip too! Or share on social media using the hashtag #righthererightnow.