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The David C Cook Church Support Program is designed to help church leaders, teachers, and volunteers continue ministry—whether virtually, in person, or a hybrid of the two. And once you have an account, you can share with the other teachers and leaders at your church!

Flexible Terms

Receive extended payment options, free shipping on $100+ orders, and a $150 digital resources credit.

Hybrid Options

Get access to discipleship resources for leading families, children, youth, and adults—digitally or in person.

Reliable Support

With new terms and resources, you’ll also get the reliable support you need from our ministry services team.

Welcome—Let's get Started

We’re so glad you’re here! Check out this video as Michele walks you through the Church Support Program and how to register. Then, keep scrolling for easy registration. After your registration is submitted, we’ll send you a confirmation email with login information.

Once you’ve received the email and logged in, Michele will meet you with more details on how to navigate the site and access various resources. We are thankful for your partnership and can’t wait to continue helping you serve in this season and beyond.


Basic Support

If you purchased your David C Cook curriculum from any reseller other than David C Cook, register here.


If your ministry purchases curriculum directly from David C Cook, this is where you’ll register.

Church Reimagined


...your volunteers having exactly what they need whether they're leading digitally or in-person—including training.

...feeling confident that families are equipped with true discipleship materials.

...having access to flexible curriculum for every age group in your church.

...meeting your people right where they are.

That's what you’ll get with the Church Support Program.

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